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Links are like votes for your website and they quite literally vote your site up in the search engine rankings. Link building has the following benefits:

1  Links make it easier for search engines to find the page

2  Search engines use the number of links pointing to a page as an indication of the page’s value

3  Links provide information to the search engines about the page to which they are pointing

4  Links not only bring searchbots to a page but they also bring people to the page

The most valuable links are one-way in bound TEXT links from a page with a high Google PR (Page Rank) using the keywords that you have chosen to optimise your website for in the anchor text.  These one-way inbound links are of course harder to get than say reciprocal links for example but there are many ways of doing this including directories, blogs, forums, social media, suppliers, partners, commercial websites, friends and family websites and so on.

There is some debate now as to whether reciprocal links (two-way link exchanges) still have any value. The answer is yes they do.  The best sort of reciprocal links are contextual links within content from a page with a high PR and preferably not too many other outgoing links as thios will dilute the PR by the number of links. It’s worth noting that although the Google PR is from 0-10 the actual figures and ranges are actually enormous for example a google page rank of 4 could be a figure ranging from between 250,00 and 500,000. However all reciprocal links help in two ways:

1  The search engines see nice, keyworded links coming into your site preferably from relevant sites

2  You link to appropriate and relevant sites and this isn’t actually a bad thing as Google places a high importance on site which are seen as hub or at the centre of a network of websites

Although not rocket science link building extremely time consuming. We provide various link building packages depending on your needs, objectives and of course your budget. Our SEO Link building and submission services start from just £100 per month.

To find out more about our link building services and  to receive a no obligation quote please email us providing us with a link to your website and also stating what your objectives are in a given timeframe at links@hatchnow.com - please ensure you type ‘Quote’ in the subject heading

If you would like to have a reciprocal link with us then please add one of the following text links to a visible page on your website:-

Internet Marketing Consultancy in London <A href=”http://www.internet-marketing-london.com/”>Internet Marketing Consultancy in London</A>
Free Website SEO Healthcheck <A href=”http://www.organicsseoservice.co.uk/seo-health-check”>Free Website SEO Healthcheck</A>

Once you have added one of these links to your website please email us at links@hatchnow.com providing a link to the page in your site that you have added us to and also with the text link that you would like us to add to our site and we will endeavour to add your link within 48hrs if it is suitable.

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