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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

2011/12/27 17:23 | admin | Internet Marketing London

Hatch Internet Marketing London wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


See how the world searched on Google in 2011

2011/12/21 09:41 | admin | Video Marketing, Viral Internet Marketing

The team at Internet Marketing London really enjoyed this video from Google, Zeitgeist 2011, which shows what people were searching for in 2011.


Bootcamp Pilates and an SEO Challenge

The SEO service team at Internet Marketing London recently faced an increasingly common SEO challenge. An existing client formerly known as Beautcamp Pilates planned to change their name to Bootcamp Pilates which indeed they are now called.

There are many reasons why a company might decide to change its company name, in this instance it was driven by a very sound branding rationale.

However, for an SEO service company this can present a major problem if the domain name needs to be changed as a result of the name change e.g. If the old company name was used in the web address. Why is this a problem?

Well, at a basic level, a domain name builds up history or a reputation on the web, partly because of its age but also because of all the on-page (on the website) and off-page (away from the website e.g. link-building) SEO work. If the SEO is done well then that reputation will result in good search rankings and good traffic.

Therefore, the obvious danger is that when you change your domain name to a new one, all of that good SEO work is lost and you start from scratch on your new domain name. The risk is even greater when you migrate to a brand new website design at the same time. And, a severe drop in rankings and traffic could ruin a successful business overnight. But, happily not in the case of Bootcamp Pilates.

The SEO service team at Internet Marketing London successfully migrated from the old website and domain name (Beautcamp) to the new website and domain name (Bootcamp) without any drop in search engine rankings or traffic. This means that anybody searching for Pilates London or any similar search terms will still find Bootcamp or Beautcamp as it was known, firmly at the top of the search engines.

To find out how to successfully migrate your website to a new domain name without losing search engine traffic and rankings contact our SEO team and they will be happy to share their SEO best practices with you.

Bootcamp Pilates operate pilates studios in Notting Hill, The City, Fulham and Richmond and are credited with being the first Pilates company to bring Reformer Pilates to London.

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London SEO Service - Internet Marketing London

Internet Marketing London and GQ Design are pleased to announce the provision of SEO services to the following new clients in London:

Westcombe Homes - A leading London Property Developer with over 40 years experience in developing luxury and contemporary residential and commercial properties. Westcombe are currently acquiring hotels and creche’s for development.

Zynk Design - Are commercial interior design architects based in London. Zynk specialise in interior design for the Leisure and Entertainment industries and their areas of expertise include hotels, health spas, leisure centres, bars and restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for SEO Services, consultancy or a wider range of internet marketing services, our expert team of consultants are always happy to discuss your requirements in more depth. No hard-sell and no charge for just talking, we promise!

Simply get in touch to find out more.


Doctors Website Design - Internet Marketing London

Doctors need website design and SEO services too! The team at Internet Marketing London were approached by Dr. Eric Dan-Goor to design a new website for his medical practice which is based at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St Johns Wood, London NW8.

The new doctors website design uses colours often commonly associated with the healthcare profession. The website is supported by an intuitive Content Management System that allows the medical centre to update and manage all of the website content themselves.

Whether a private doctor or an NHS GP it is obviously important to be able to provide useful information to existing patients but it is equally important for doctors to promote their surgeries and medical practices online in an ever increasingly competitive environment. Although prospective patients are limited by postcodes they still have choices and therefore a doctor’s surgery with a good website design supported by local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will provide them the best chance of winning new patients.

To find out more about our web design services and our seo services please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Internet Marketing London - Church Website Design

Although called Hatch Internet Marketing London we provide web design, marketing and SEO services to companies throughout the UK and Ireland and not just within London. One of our latest web design projects involved working with a Catholic Church in Dublin.

The Church approached the team at Hatch with a specific brief, they wanted a website that would facilitate better communication and interaction with their congregation. Unusually for a web design project this was far less about winning new customers or in this case parishioners and far more about engaging with existing ones in a meaningful way.

The church website design uses a subtle blend of cream and beige colours so as deliberately not to be too fancy. The top banner is centred around a main feature of the church which is their stain glass window; whilst also being functional by providing easy access to important information such as Mass Times, Confession Times and Contact Information.  The navigation is on the top left hand side of the page whist the rest of the page and functionality is centred around latest news.

In addition to news and information, this Church website offers visitors a schedule of upcoming events, photo gallery, readings of the day, Saint of the day, daily messages and newsletter sign up.

It was important to the Church that they would be able to manage all of the content aspects of the site easily without any technical experience or training being required. The bespoke Content Management System we provided them was simple and intuitive, exactly they what they wanted. See the CMS interface below.

Church Website CMSThe second phase of the Church web design project will be to enable the safe and secure collection of church donations online. Further details to come.

Whilst SEO or Search Engine Optimisation was not part of the brief, all of our website designs are SEO friendly in terms of layout, design and development. All of our website designs go through an SEO checklist of over 50 SEO ranking factors and receive basic on-page optimisation as a matter of course.

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Internet Marketing London - Beautcamp Pilates West London

Beautcamp Pilates West London based in Bayswater close to Notting Hill were the first company to bring Reformer Pilates to London from LA and as such have built up an exceptional reputatation at their studios in West London and East London with many celebrities and Londoner’s who want to get fit and stay fit.

Hatch Internet Marketing London work closely with the team at Beautcamp to keep them at the top of the search engines for the most competitive keyword search terms but Beautcamp are also often appearing in the press, fashion and health magazines as well as on television programmes.

Most recently they appeared in the the TV show Supersize vs. Superskinny on Channel 4 a clip from which can be found in the video above.

Beautcamp is a good example of how to successfully synergise your offline marketing activity with your online marketing activity.


Internet Marketing London Partner with GQ Design

Hatch Internet Marketing London has partnered with one of the UK’s oldest web design and printing companies.

GQ Design specialise in property marketing, creative print design and creative web design. They have offices in Saffron Walden, Essex and Central London and have been trading for almost 20 years. They have an exceptionally skilled creative and development team who have been responsible for setting a standard that has seen GQ design catapulted into the design stratosphere as one of the UK’s best creative design companies certainly in Essex and London.

We’re exceptionally excited about partnering with GQ Design here at Internet Marketing London because we  have the opportunity to provide the best of what we do in terms of Internet Marketing Services to a company  that prides itself on similar values and has a reputation for excellence in its field of creative design and marketing.


Internet Marketing London and Advance Payday Loans

Internet Marketing London and Advance Payday Loans have teamed up to try and and help out people in need during the recession.

Payday loans are a relatively new concept in the UK and the aim is to give people (regardless of credit rating) access to emergency funds on the day that they need them without having to go through a long drawn out process which ends in having to subscribe to months, if not years of debt obligation.

Advance payday Loans provide people with immediate access to funds up to £750 for emergencies.

And, because the loan has to be paid repaid within a maximum of 31 days you do not get lumbered with any long term debt or the extortionate interest that goes with it. You have the chance to sort out your financial emergency on the day that it occurs without any paperwork or credit checks for a fixed fee.

Finally, because you can only borrow an amount that you can afford, your credit rating is improved each time you repay the payday loan on time. In short the cxredit agencies are informed of the good news for once!

Internet Marketing London is very happy to have created the website for Advance Payday Loans and excited about continuing to work with them on their future internet marketing campaigns.


Internet Marketing London, You Tube and Epic Kickboxing Gym

Hatch Internet Marketing Consultancy London love working with You Tube! It’s very easy to set up a branded You Tube channel to promote your business particularly if you have lots to film as Epic Kickboxing Gym in London do!

Setting it up is one thing, making sure you keep it interesting so that people want to subscribe is another. Getting socially interactive is the key!

GMTV seem to think Epic Kickboxing & Fitness Training Gym are worth paying attention too…

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